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Pride Author allows you to easily create, publish and maintain online work instructions from your computer with a drag and drop interface.

It allows your procedure to contain logical statements (if/then), calculations, image or data recording, timed steps or alerts (info, caution or warnings).

Simple Publishing

Publish your work instructions without coding or formatting in a few simple clicks.

Feels Natural

Link natural language to your process commands and telemetry for easy use.

Ready To Go

All the instructions & assets you need, built with a drag-and-drop interface.


Pride View runs procedures through your browser on any device with multi-user collaboration.

Steps are checked off and advisory content added by the author is shown. The operation is logged in central database; including comments with text, images or video.

Inline Data

View process data inline with instructions

Detailed Logging

User and timestamp information collected for each step

Workflow Monitoring

Users see which step others are working on

Easy Completion

Simple single-click or authenticated step completion

Thorough Reporting

Error checking and summary reporting


Pride Automate handles the dull and repetitive tasks allowing skilled humans to observe and step in as needed.

The human is in control while automation does the heavy-lifting.

Automatic Flow

Automatic step completion

Accessible Control

Easy on/off toggle

Fail Safe

Automatic pause when out of bounds

Receptive and Responsive

Send and receive commands, display and record data


What gets measured gets managed. With Pride, each step of the operation is recorded.

The central database contains a complete record of all actions, including those undone/redone. Data can be used to address training needs or to improve procedure writing.

Real-time Observation

Observe operations in real-time or after completion

Ensure Compliance

Audit operations for compliance

Responsive Events

Trigger actions based on events

Archived History

Analyze historical data


Safer, faster, and better

NASA studies have shown a 4x reduction in task completion time with a 2x reduction in human error using Pride.

Adjustable autonomy

Start manual and learn from Pride Reports. Start on the pathway to automation as design and cost constraints allow with Pride.

Actionable natural language

Pride Author enables your words to link to data and commands. Procedures published with Pride View require 0 lines of code.

Next generation workforce ready

Digital natives entering the workforce expect instruction on devices. Complex operations require multiple actors to act in sync.

Clear communication

Remove the disconnection between instruction and execution by keeping prodedures up-to-date and standarized.

Data-driven decision making

Gather and analyse data to better understand and improvement your process. Trigger rapid response based on conditions real-time.

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